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Sukkot Festival in teen club Be Jewish (Kryvyi Rih)

On October 4 teen club Be Jewish (Kryvyi Rih) celebrated the second day of Sukkot festival together with 19 active teenagers. The morning began with a trip to the holiday camp (after all, these days we remember how we were nomads) where we spent the whole day. And on arrival, we immediately plunged into the atmosphere of learning the precepts of Sukkot.

AJTorah coordinator Arina Andriyenko gave us a lesson where we got acquainted with the very "arba'a minim" - "the four species". Before that, we learned what each of them represents, and then we followed the precept of NetilatLulav - "The Ascension of Lulav".

The central episode of the day was the challenge that our participants had to overcome - to build a Sukkah - a hut in which Jews live during Sukkot.

To understand how to build a Sukkah, the guys received a special instruction, which described brief decoding of "notions" related to Sukkot, as well as quotes from Tanakh, from which we use these terms.

In addition, the instructions specified the necessary parameters for the building of Sukkah and the conditions of performing the task.

After building the Sukkah we discussed all together who took which role and why, because Sukkot is also a festival of unity. When it is time to accept that despite our differences, we are responsible for each other and for the result we want to achieve.

"It was the first time I was at the Sukkot Festival. I liked the friendly and hearty atmosphere. Sukkot reminds not only about the fact that happiness is not in material wealth, but also about how much can be achieved together. The result of our efforts and friendship is a built Sukkah. It was an unusual and fun day with no less fun guys.@" - Anastasia Lidovskaya, member of TC Be Jewish.

And the day ended with a useful and even a bit sporty rest in the rays of the setting sun.

Chag Sameach! (Happy Holiday!)