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The Jewish teen club Arayot has opened a new season under the name "Secretly"

Jewish teen club "Arayot" started its work in the new year with a secret party - "Secret Party Arayot - 2020". To get to its opening in the new season, the guys had to be eager and creative: teenagers had to find the key that activated and launched the party.

Having successfully coped with the task, they were able to learn about the new program of the teen club for this year, and then recharge their batteries from Irina Kozak's lively dances. At the cocktail show, each of the guys experienced barman's job and created their own author's drink.

"We finally met with the guys not through the Zoom screen, but in real life. Though not in such amount, as we would like to, but under quarantine conditions, it was cool to see madrichs and leaders of the club in person. We chatted, shared our impressions and talked about new way of life due to quarantine, learned about new programs of the club, which were presented by our manager Dasha. It was unforgettable and atmospheric, almost in the format of "meetings with the leader", which we had online," - the member of the teen club Sonya shared her emotions about the opening.

According to the club managers, the new academic year will be significantly different from the previous one. Because all its program will be full of "secret parties" format: now there will be no concepts of "classes", "trainings" and "master classes". Instead, the guys will gather at secret meetings. They can find out about them through a special app, a link to which was attached to their name tags at the opening of the new academic season.  This is a unique app Arayot, which was presented at the opening, was developed by Ilya Sedukh-Tolstolytkin: now it can be used to register for any event of the teen club, and also there will be collected points for the purchasing of the merch.

In the new academic season, there will be joint Shabbats, fun parties and interesting trainings for the guys.

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