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The winners of the Gamechangers grant competition from BBYO

5 teenagers from Active Jewish Teens won a Gamechanger grant from BBYO in the first half of 2020.

Congratulations to Anastasia Kravchenko (Volgograd) with her volunteer project, to Anna Veprentseva (Chisinau) with her innovative board game, to Daria Zakharuk (Saratov) with the magazine "AJTmagazin" with articles on teen initiatives, to Daria Zolotukhina (Chisinau) with the culinary project and to Liya Krichevskaya (Yekaterinburg) with the comic book about the life of a teenager in the Jewish community. 

We are absolutely sure of the high level of your projects and hope that the grant will help you to fully realize all your ideas!

Anastasia Kravchenko tells about the idea of her project: "Lonely people are sad without the support. It is very important and necessary to help and cheer up the older generation. In their turn, they can tell us a lot of interesting stories from their lives and share experiences".

The Gamechanger grant from BBYO supports community development, involves more teenagers in the active participation and implementation of their unique ideas.

This is how Lia Krichevskaya chose the comic book format to tell the new guys about the life of the Jewish community and the experience she gained. And Daria Zolotukhina offers to cook a variety of Jewish dishes using new methods and recipes. As Daria says " to prevent teenagers from thinking that we can cook only hummus and falafel".

Unique board game with cards, playing field and Jewish plot is a great option for spending time in teenage clubs. Anna Veprentseva thinks so. She is planning to translate the game into English so that teenagers of BBYO will be able to play it as well.

Daria Zakharuk, continuing to implement her project since 2017, said: " We already have a publication of a newspaper and magazine with various articles on teenage projects of Ural/Volga/Siberia region. Now I decided to collect interviews, stories and tales of guys from all over Russia on the year theme of AJT".

BBYO and the AJT team are very impressed with the efforts that teenagers are putting into their projects. We are happy to work together at any time to help you make the most of your available resources.

Congratulations again! All AJT wants to hear and see the implementation and results of your amazing projects.