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A night with AJT

For the first time in the history of the network of Active Jewish Teens teenage clubs the all-CIS Night of Shavuot was held, which was preceded by a week of preparation.

Since May 25, we have taken part in "Days of gratitude". The initiative was created and launched in Israel as "Ten Days of Gratitude" by Beit Prat-Israeli Midrasha, with the support of The Institute for Experiential Jewish Education and The Schusterman Fellowship. The pinnacle event of the week was the lighting of candles, which had already become traditional. This time the heads of teenage clubs in Belarus welcomed the guests. Of course, the topic was gratitude.

Moreover, during the week we dug into " the Scroll of Ruth " with the coordinator of AJTorah Sergey Mitrofanov, decorated our apartments and houses with the head of the teen club "Boker" (Chernihiv) Ira Limanova. Together with BBYO we studied weekly chapters from Misha Basin (Tula), Olesya Oshurkova (Yekaterinburg), Anton Artemenko (Murmansk), Arina Graschenkova (Bobruisk) under the guidance of teacher Polina Blinder.

The Shavuot Night itself was no less intense. Teenagers from 40 cities spent the whole night (May 30-31) together with excellent teachers: Sergei Mitrofanov, Polina Blinder and Pavel Miloslavin. During the 8-hour educational marathon they discussed conceptual issues of Shavuot, held art and movie midrash, learned festive songs, and also made and decorated milkshakes.

The participant of the Shavuot Night Sonya Erakhovich (Chelyabinsk) tells: "Spending a whole night with AJT is an opportunity to immerse yourself in this cozy family atmosphere for a few hours. What I liked the most was its variety, when in the first hour you have Havdalah, and after a few moments you already pour milk into the mixer and get the berries, analyze the Book of Ruth and watch movies. I'm so grateful for the chance to spend Shavuot together, even through computers, thank you!"

The AJT Parliament has made this night a truly unforgettable one. The activities, games, masks that were offered to the guys in social media have become incredibly popular.

Parliamentarian from Belarus Yanita Bigeza (Minsk): "The Shavuot Night was a special event from AJT Online. It was the first time in a long period I felt that we are all really in the same room, not in the Zoom. I was lucky to be part of the preparation crew. I always watched with great pleasure (and a little excitement) how the activities were performed, how many stories were posted, and which activities people liked more. I think the playing format during the week and the night itself also distinguished the Shavuot Night from a simple class marathon. It was really fun to be a participant rather than a presenter on the one hand, and to see it from the inside on the other. They say you can't wake the sleeper because the taken dream can't be returned, but AJT, on the contrary, gave me this night! Thank you!"

The night ended with a quiz that summed up both the whole week and the Shavuot Night. Here the winners received great prizes: Mikhail Dudov (Voronezh) - subscription to Netflix, Anton Artemenko (Murmansk) - certificate to buy a book, Anton Reznichenko (Dnepr) – to top-up account on a mobile phone.

Mikhail Dudov comments: " Amazing event! The classes of our teachers were very interesting. The victory in the final quiz became especially pleasant, because the opponents and the questions themselves were really tough".